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Ukrainian medical documents

Very often, foreigners in Ukraine are being required to obtain various medical reports from Ukrainian healthcare institutions.

For example, foreign citizens from among students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine are obliged to undergo a medical check for diseases related to the respiratory system of an individual. Students in Ukraine should provide a relevant certificate every year.

Also if you are planning to have some serious medical treatment in Ukraine, it may be necessary to obtain various kinds of Ukrainian medical certificates.

Most often, a foreigner must obtain a number of medical certificates issued by Ukrainian public health institutions when applying for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

The Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”  and other Ukrainian laws regulating the procedure of immigration to Ukraine stipulate that foreign citizens applying for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine on specific basis must provide relevant medical certificates issued by state, municipal or licensed private health care institutions. Medical documents here confirm that:

  • Applicant does not have tuberculosis;
  • Applicant is HIV negative. (Although recently the courts declare that this requirement is discriminatory and should not be applied, the practice shows that the Ukrainian State Migration service often ignores court practice. We are experienced in challenging the necessity of making HIV tests);
  • Applicant had been examined by a medical officer at Alcohol and Drug Dispensary to prove he or she is not abusing alcohol or drugs banned in Ukraine;
  • According to the conclusion of the therapist, applicant does not have any dangerous contagious diseases.

In this case, in order to obtain the appropriate certificates and reports, a foreigner in Ukraine needs to visit at least 4 different Ukrainian health care establishments, what may turn out to be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, unless you know local language and face Ukrainian health system not for the first time in your life.

Here are just a couple of examples when you may need the help of a specialist who will help you to obtain Ukrainian medical documents. For all our clients who decided to immigrate to Ukraine with the assistance of our company, we always provide the package of services including all medical inspections required for immigration to Ukraine.  Our clients receive all documents in the shortest time, visits to Ukrainian hospitals and clinics are accompanied by our employee.

In case you require receiving any medical report from Ukrainian health care institutions, Ukrainian Immigration bureau team is ready to help you. Please contact us and describe what document you need, so our employees could guide you through the process.

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