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Private invitation to Ukraine

To settle your private matters in Ukraine, you should confirm the purpose of your visit.

Please note that in this article we only explain how to get a private matters invitation and other documents confirming the purpose of your visit to Ukraine. There is a particular page on this website explaining what other documents you need for private matters visa application, as well as how you should behave on the interview in the embassy.

Though disclosing the nature of your private matters in Ukraine is not necessary, it is essential to have someone in Ukraine, who will officially invite you to the country. In order to issue such invitation, the “inviting party” should be either a citizen of Ukraine or should have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

The invitation should contain the following particulars:

  • Particulars of the invitee;
  • Full name of the invitee;
  • Passport number and series of the invitee;
  • Date of birth of the invitee;
  • Purpose of visiting Ukraine;
  • The number of expected entries to Ukraine;
  • The dates, when the visit to Ukraine is scheduled to take place;
  • Place of accommodation in Ukraine;
  • Particulars of the inviter;
  • Full name of the inviter;
  • Passport number and series of the inviter (or the number of his/her residence permit);
  • Date of birth of the inviter;
  • Place of residence in Ukraine.

Invitation letter should also contain a clause, which says that the costs of deportation (in case the one happens) will be borne by the inviter if the invitee does not possess sufficient funds. Additionally, this clause should say that the inviter agrees to bear all expenses, associated with the invitee’s stay in Ukraine.

Notarization of the invitation.

Before submitting the invitation letter to the embassy, you should make sure that the inviter has it notarized by the registered public notary in Ukraine.

Sending invitation to the invitee.

Basically, it is the invitation, which determines the type of visa, which the Embassy will give to you since it contains the particulars about your visit to Ukraine. This invitation letter should be sent straight to the invitee, who, in his turn, will use it for submission to the Embassy. Though the invitation letter is enough by virtue this document, our practice shows that in some embassies and border officials sometimes demand showing the guarantee letter. Therefore, please make sure to send the copy of such letter to the invitee.

Confirmation of accommodation.

Though you may have a duly signed, sealed and properly formalized invitation letter, the embassies often may inquire into your accommodation in Ukraine and travel allowance. Firstly, you should prove that you have a booked accommodation in Ukraine for the entire duration of your stay here. In the many cases, visa applicants use an accommodation guarantee letter from the inviter (not to be confused with the support and deportation guarantee letter), where the inviter pledges to provide accommodation to the invitee for the entire period of the stay in Ukraine. At the same time, it is crucial emphasizing that in case you follow this option of confirming accommodation in Ukraine, the invitee should also produce certain documents, which prove that the mentioned accommodation facilities do exist and that he is the owner (or tenant). Typical examples of such confirmation include a title deed (if an inviter is an owner) or lease agreement (if an inviter is a tenant).

Please, take into account that confirmation of accommodation in university campus requires certification by the university authorities.

If the inviter does not own or legally possess (rent) some property in Ukraine, where the invitee may live during his expected stay in Ukraine, booking a hotel and submitting a confirmation letter from the hotel’s reservation department is always a good option.

Confirmation of travel allowance.

Furthermore, the Embassy requires evidence that you are capable of supporting your trip to Ukraine financially. Specifically, it is important to provide proofs that you have enough money for staying in Ukraine (the Embassy uses USD 50/per day criteria + USD 250 for the “emergency expenses” in Ukraine) and returning to your home country. Typically, a banking statement with information about your banking account is sufficient. In the event you do not have a banking account in your home country, the inviter (a person, who invites you to come to Ukraine) may provide such a statement from the bank in Ukraine.

Finally, you should remember that the primary objective of the Embassy is to identify who should be held responsible in case of any problems with your stay in Ukraine. There are thousands of advertisements in the global web, offering invitations for a fee. However, it is hardly possible that these “invitation merchandisers” will provide you with a guarantee letter, which is also essential. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to engage with any dubious “immigration consultants.”

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