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Getting ukrainian citizenship

“How to get Ukrainian citizenship” is a painful question for all those, who are deeply rooted in Ukraine. We receive many inquiries asking “how to obtain Ukrainian citizenship,” “how to become a Ukrainian citizen,” as well as “is it allowed to have dual citizenship in Ukraine.”

Indeed, in some situations, a residence permit is not enough.

Getting Ukrainian citizenship has many advantages. Apart from enjoying full economic and social benefits inside the country, the nationality of Ukraine allows:

  • visiting a large number of countries without visas;
  • Ukraine has almost finalized the visa-free agreement with the European Union;
  • the holders of Ukrainian passports will be soon capable of visiting the Schengen zone countries without visas. It takes a 1-hour flight to reach any European capital from here;
  • those who received citizenship in Ukraine cannot be banished from Ukraine or given to the officials of any country;
  • Ukrainian citizenship laws expressly say that a Ukrainian citizen may stay on the territories of Ukraine as long as he wants. The government can never order to you to leave the country under any circumstances;
  • citizenship of Ukraine opens multiple economic opportunities. In spite of the currency fluctuations, the country’s financial system is much stronger those of the African and Asian countries. Furthermore, there are many investment opportunities here;
  • finally, Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries in the world, though it has a well-developed infrastructure. In other words, you can buy anything here for the lowest prices imaginable. Check Numbeo profile of Kiev and compare it with your home city You will be much impressed.

Though the Ukrainian citizenship law may seem intimidating for the applicants, finding a viable option is possible practically for everyone. Contrary to the popular opinion, Ukraine citizenship requirements are not as rough as they seem to be. Getting Ukrainian citizenship is possible through one of the following channels:

  • Ukrainian citizenship by birth;
  • Ukrainian citizenship by descent;
  • Ukrainian citizenship by naturalization;
  • Ukrainian citizenship by marriage.

Ukraine citizenship is always acquired through one of these channels. Feel free to contact our lawyers for preliminary evaluation of your case. We will help you to understand whether you have any grounds for getting citizenship in Ukraine, and help you to proceed with your application.

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