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Tourist invitation (voucher) to Ukraine

In the event you want to enjoy the cultural and natural wonders of Ukraine, getting a tourist visa becomes essential.

Please note that in this article we only explain how to get a tourist invitation and other documents confirming the purpose of your tour to Ukraine. There is a particular page on this website explaining what other documents you need for tourist visa application.

Typically, the embassies give a single entry tourist visas with 25-day duration. That is why, many people, who have a specific business in Ukraine, often choose this type of visa to get a short-term visa. The law does not mandate the tourists to follow the itinerary specified in their travel documents, and, basically, you are allowed to go anywhere in Ukraine.

It is important emphasizing that tourist invitation is not a single document. Factually, tourist invitation consists of several papers, which should be provided to you by a Ukrainian tour company. The tour company should be registered and have all necessary permits and licenses.

In short, a combination of the following documents constitutes a tourist invitation for visiting Ukraine:

  • Tourist voucher. This document is an issued by the tour company. Tourist vouchers are strictly itemized, and they contain information about the tourist, duration of stay, accommodation. The official company stamp should be present on the voucher. The vouchers are watermarked to make forgery and/or illegal production of the illegal copies impossible. The tour company should give you two copies of such voucher. One (original) is given to the nearest consular institution of Ukraine abroad. You should have the second one with you to present it to the border guards upon entry to Ukraine;
  • Tour program prepared by the tour company. It contains information about the tour company, the tourist, start and end dates of the tour and brief description of your itinerary. It should be stamped by the official stamp of the company and signed by its director;
  • Letter of guarantee. This document is issued by the tour company. In this letter, the company solicits the embassy (or other consular institution where you launch your application) to grant a visa to you. In addition, this letter confirms that the company will bear the costs of your repatriation in case you face any problems in Ukraine;
  • Tour company documents. The tour company should also provide the copy of its certificate of incorporation (certified by the company stamp and signature of the company manager), copy of the license and copy of the banking guarantee;
  • Booking of accommodation. The tour company should provide the documents, which confirm your accommodation in Ukraine. In the cases when the tour company organizes the trip only, you should take care of your accommodation yourself. Make sure to receive a written confirmation from the hotel/landlord.

Please do not forget that you will also need other documents for getting a tourist visa. The documents described above are 100% necessary for obtaining a tourist visa to Ukraine. Making these documents in the country of your residence is impossible as a tour company in Ukraine always prepares them.

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