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Insurance in Ukraine

In some cases, foreign citizens in Ukraine, as well as citizens of Ukraine, must have an appropriate insurance certificate and a contract with an insurance company. Unlike voluntary insurance, which is not obligatory (for example, property insurance in Ukraine), compulsory insurance takes place when it is necessary to receive insurance due to the stipulation of the laws of Ukraine.

For a more precise understanding when it becomes necessary to insure foreign citizens in Ukraine, it is necessary to divide such insurance cases into two groups:

1) Cases of mandatory insurance, which apply equally to Ukrainian citizens and foreign citizens and stateless persons:

  • mandatory insurance for individuals that want to engage in operating an automobile or other types of transport;
  • mandatory insurance for medical and pharmaceutical employees;
  • other cases.

2) Special cases of mandatory insurance, which apply only to foreign citizens or stateless persons:

  • medical insurance for those foreign citizens and stateless persons who travel to Ukraine or plan to apply for short or long term Ukrainian visas;
  • insurance against expulsion and deportation for those foreign citizens and stateless persons who apply for a temporary residence permit based on family reunion, study, employment, etc.
  • other cases.

Therefore, in the first case, the necessity of insurance is stipulated by the law of Ukraine and is extended to both Ukrainian citizens and to all other persons residing in Ukraine, in contrast to the second case where the mandatory requirement for the availability of insurance exists due to belonging to the citizenship of another state or being a stateless person.

So if you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you plan to apply for a visa to Ukraine, temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, we strongly recommend that you discover the requirements for the necessity of certain insurance.

The absence of compulsory insurance may result in a refusal to grant a visa to Ukraine or permission for temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine.

Our specialists are aware of all cases when compulsory insurance is required for a foreigner in Ukraine. Be sure, we advise you on appropriate insurance you need and introduce you to the list of most trustworthy insurance companies in Ukraine.

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