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Reclamation of Ukrainian documents

There were many cases in our practice when foreign citizens residing on the territory of Ukraine or foreigners from among those who previously stayed in Ukraine require assistance in obtaining different documents from Ukrainian state or municipal authorities. Ukrainian immigration bureau employees are always ready to help when it’s challenging to receive the relevant papers or only due to the inability of a client to visit Ukraine and proceed with the papers by his/her own.

The most frequently asked documents by our clients can be divided into a few groups distinct mostly by the authority responsible for the issuance of a particular document:

1) Reclamation of documents from Civil status acts registration authorities in Ukraine (also known in Ukraine as ZAGS or RAGS): marriage certificates for marriages concluded in Ukraine, birth certificates, various extracts from the registry, death certificates, copies of divorce certificates for marriages concluded in Ukraine, archival certificates and extracts, etc.;

2) Reclamation of documents from the State Border Service and Migration Service of Ukraine: official responses of government agencies upon specific requests, copies of resolutions and decisions, a copy of the decision on granting immigration permit to Ukraine, materials of the administrative case on bans on entry to Ukraine, materials of the case on deportation from Ukraine, etc.

3) Reclamation of documents from judicial and law enforcement bodies of Ukraine: copies of court decisions and court cases, etc.

4) Other documents.

When you plan to get involved into reclamation of official Ukrainian documents attention should be paid to two extremely important points such as sufficient powers to act on your behalf for a lawyer and further practical application of Ukrainian documents in other countries.

Everything is pretty clear with powers to act on your behalf: a lawyer representing your interests and requesting documents on your behalf must confirm his authority by an appropriate power of attorney. However, the power of attorney must also comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding the form and content.

Very often successful reclamation of a document by your representative on the territory of Ukraine is not enough to able to use such documents outside Ukraine. Different countries have their own policies regarding the legalization and further acceptance of foreign documents. Without going through a certain procedure of recognizing a Ukrainian document on the territory of a foreign state, such Ukrainian document will be considered a piece of paper without any legal power.

In fact, each client has different life circumstances, so required documents may also be the most different ones. If you don’t know what specific document you need we are ready to help:  just clarify what should be displayed in the document and where you plan to apply it, and our specialists will advise you on the essence and procedure for reclamation of the relevant document and its further use outside the territory of Ukraine.

Reclamation of Ukrainian documents
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