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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine by kinship with an immigrant

Our practice shows that the second most popular strategy used for getting a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is to be an immediate family member (parent or child) of a foreigner, who already has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

The key idea of this method is that your immediate family member, who is residing in Ukraine, should be a bearer of the permanent residence permit here.

Your kinship with a foreigner, who has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, should be officially confirmed (e.g., by the birth certificate). The documents proving the kinship should be legalized in Ukraine or should have an apostil.

The quota system.

The number of permits issued under this option is strictly limited by the quotas, which are passed by Ukrainian government every year. In other words, if your application is filed after all quotas have been exhausted, there will be no other option, but to wait until the new quotas are approved by the government (usually in March-April).

Approximately 2,000 quotas are issued annually by the government. We urge all applicants to hurry up until all quotas are exhausted in 2019.

The procedure.

The algorithm of getting a permanent residence permit as an immediate family member of a foreigner, who has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is much similar to the process of getting the permit when your family member is a Ukrainian citizen.

Thus, all applications should be lodged with Ukrainian State migration service. It is possible to file documents straight from Ukraine or from the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.

Filing your application from Ukraine is much more effective and speedy. However, to file this document from Ukraine, your presence in Ukraine should be entirely legal. Thus, to enter Ukraine, you must obtain a special visa in the Ukrainian Embassy abroad first. Once your visa is issued, you may enter Ukraine to start your application process here.

Some people prefer submitting applications through the Ukrainian Embassy abroad. However, our practice shows that this approach rarely works.

Usefulness of the permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Overall, only Ukrainian citizenship may give you more rights than the permanent residence. Whatever business in Ukraine you may have, a permanent residency here will be handy. We will be delighted to help you with your application and answer all your questions.

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