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Immigrate from
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The history of cooperation between Ukrainian and Nigerian state counts more than 25 years. Recognition of Ukraine by Nigeria took place in March 1992, which led to the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries in December 1992. Diplomatic missions of both states actively perform their duties starting from December 1999.

Nigerian community in Ukraine is one of the biggest foreign citizens’ communities, and there are many reasons for that to happen. Every year a few thousands of young Nigerians enroll to numerous universities all over Ukrainian state. Most of that young people prefer to come back home or continue their studies in EU or USA after graduating from Ukrainian educational establishments, but also many of them prefer to continue their life in Ukraine and bring here their families.

Most frequent legal issues faced by Nigerians in Ukraine are:

  • immigration to Ukraine of those citizens of Nigeria who’s staying in Ukraine is based on short-term private, business and tourist visas or various temporary residence permits (students, family members, employees);
  • immigration to Ukraine of Nigerian citizens residing outside Ukraine;
  • registration of marriages in Ukraine, dissolution of marriages concluded in Ukraine;
  • acquisition of real estate objects on the territory of Ukraine by citizens of Nigeria, and corresponding due diligence;
  • registration and acquisition of business formations for Nigerian individuals and companies, registration of joint Ukrainian-Nigerian enterprises, questions about legal regulation of commercial activities between Ukraine and Nigeria;
  • disputes with State migration service and State border service of Ukraine concerning their decisions in regard to Nigerians in Ukraine.

Ukrainian immigration bureau employees have been advising citizens of Nigeria residing both in and out of Ukraine already for more than 5 years. During this period of time, we managed to work out our own successful practice of advising citizens of Nigerian and applying documents from Nigeria in Ukraine, and we gladly share our experience with our dear customers.

Plot 894, Olu Awotesu street, Jabi
District, Abuja (off Mr. Biggs)

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Boundaries of the Consular district:
Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Benin, Togo.
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