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Permanent residence permit is, by all means, the most popular and most effective form of immigration to immigration to another country. While some countries have [read more]

Some small illustration before we start: “Citizen of Canada D. claims to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine, so he provides a certain package of documents [read more]

Our practice shows that marrying a Ukrainian citizen is the most popular basis for getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine [read more]

Oleksandr Artemenko
Oleksandr Artemenko(Canada)

I am in the process of repatriation to Ukraine from Canada. Although my case is still in progress, the way these people work is by all standards great. They are always responsive and available. Once I called Valentine from Ontario, forgetting the time zone. He was answering all my questions for more than forty minutes. After that, I realized that it was 2 AM in Ukraine, and yet he was available to help. I am eager to get my Ukrainian passport asap and to shake his hand for all he is doing for me.

Alex Muchi
Alex Muchi (Senegal)

Thanks to the Ukrainian Immigration Bureau for my permanent residence permit in Ukraine. I am happy to start a new life in this good country.

Lakshmi Singh
Lakshmi Singh(India)

This is a good company. I am the owner of the educational consulting company in India, which sends students to Ukraine under the various exchange programs. We used to work with another immigration consultancy, which was interested in money only. These people have what I call “human touch” – they understand that students are not rich people. They gave us good discounts. For some poor guys with great academic potential from the rural areas of India they even agreed to work pro bono, charging the cost price only.

William Bauer
William Bauer(Minnesota, USA)

I was very interested in investing to the nascent, yet exceptionally promising Ukrainian IT sector. I was shocked to discover that Ukrainian immigration legislation is as much rigid to foreign investors. Actually, I could have never imagined that transferring capital to Ukraine and getting an investment-class visa would be so much difficult and lengthy.

I was almost on the verge of giving up when my Ukrainian partner recommended Ukrainian Immigration Bureau. Their associate gave a very simple, yet comprehensive explanation of all my complications. After a couple of days, he reverted with a sound strategy of having the investment transferred to Ukraine safely, protecting my ownership rights and arranging my residence status in Ukraine.

The process actually took longer than Ukrainian Immigration Bureau promised. However, after four months of waiting, I was finally able to start traveling between the USA and Ukraine without any restrictions. You, guys, should be more careful with the deadlines, which you give to your clients. All the rest is fantastic! Thanks.

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