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Business invitation to Ukraine

Business invitations are used for a vast variety of scenarios. In the majority of cases, this type of visa is selected by the business executives, owners, employees or agents of a foreign company, whose presence in Ukraine is required for a relatively short period of time because of business interests of such company. Sometimes, however, this type of invitation may be useful for those, whose visit in Ukraine is necessary for starting a business. This page, in contrast to business visa to Ukraine page, does not list all document required to obtain business type visa to Ukraine.

Business invitation can be issued by a corporation only. Sole proprietors are not authorized to issue such invitations.

A business invitation should have the following information and correspond to the following requirements:

  • It should be made on the company’s letterhead;
  • It should have the company’s certificate of incorporation number;
  • The full name, date, and place of birth and passport information of the invitee should be indicated there;
  • A business invitation should have information about the purpose of visit, its duration, the number of entries to Ukraine, place of living while in Ukraine;
  • A business invitation should explicitly state that the company is responsible for all expenses connected with the invitee’s stay in Ukraine;
  • Such an invitation should be signed by the authorized company executive and sealed.

Confirmation of travel allowance.

Furthermore, the Embassy requires evidence that you are capable of supporting your trip to Ukraine financially. Specifically, it is important to provide proofs that you have enough money for staying in Ukraine (the Embassy uses USD 50/per day criteria + USD 250 for the “emergency expenses” in Ukraine) and returning to your home country. Typically, a banking statement with information about your banking account is sufficient. In the event you do not have a banking account in your home country, the inviter (a company, who invites you to come to Ukraine) may provide such statement from the bank in Ukraine.

You should remember that the primary objective of the Embassy is to identify who should be held responsible in case of any problems with your stay in Ukraine. There are thousands of advertisements in the global web, offering invitations for a fee. However, it is hardly possible that these “invitation merchandisers” will provide you with a guarantee letter and copies of the company registration documents, which is also essential. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to engage with any dubious “immigration consultants.”

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