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Permanent residence permit by kinship with a Ukrainian citizen

The first, and by far the most popular, ground for getting a permanent residency in Ukraine is having relatives in Ukraine. However, the concept or relatives is somewhat restrictive. Specifically, under this ground you are allowed to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine only if the following relatives of yours are the citizens of Ukraine:

  • brother or sister;
  • grandmother or grandfather;
  • grandson or granddaughter;
  • children;
  • mother or father.

Citizenship of your relatives in Ukraine should be confirmed either by their passports or by other documents (e.g., by birth certificates, temporary certificate of Ukrainian nationality, etc.).

Our practice shows that this approach to getting a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is one of the most widespread. By using this option, hundreds of people receive permission to live in Ukraine permanently every year. A typical scenario is the following: a child is born in Ukraine from a foreign and a Ukrainian parent. In this case, a child becomes automatically allowed to the Ukrainian citizen. Once the certificate, confirming the citizenship of this child is issued, all relatives of this child mentioned above may apply for permanent residence in Ukraine.

The procedure of applying for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

All applications should be lodged with the State migration service of Ukraine. It is possible to file documents straight from Ukraine or from the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.

Filing your application from Ukraine is much more effective and speedy. However, in order to submit this document from Ukraine, your presence in Ukraine should be entirely legal. Thus, to enter Ukraine, you must obtain a visa in the Ukrainian Embassy abroad first. Once your private visa is issued, you may enter Ukraine to start your application process here.

Some people prefer submitting applications through the Ukrainian Embassy abroad. However, our practice shows that this approach rarely works.

The quota system.

Applying for a permanent residence permit by kinship with a Ukrainian citizen has one critical issue. Specifically, the number of permits issued under this option is limited by the quotas, which are passed by Ukrainian government every year. However, quota requirements are not applicable to those, who apply as a parent or a child of a Ukrainian citizen. In this case, there will be no need to produce medical certificates and certificates of good conduct as well.

In all other cases quota requirements are applied.


The law gives 12 months to the Immigration Office to review applications for permanent residence permits. Our lawyers know how to reduce this term to 6-8 weeks.

Is it worth my time?

Overall, only Ukrainian citizenship may give you more rights than the permanent residence. Whatever business in Ukraine you may have, a permanent residency here will be handy. We will be delighted to help you with your application and answer all your questions.

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