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The oasis for residence seekers, Ukrainian Immigration Bureau evolved from the small legal office into the flagship of immigration laws in Ukraine. Started in 2011 by the graduate of the leading Ukrainian law school, the bureau offers full-stack immigration service, advice and assistance to the citizens of 110 countries, making the immigration process fast, comfortable and successful.

Our project is not about making money only. We are driven by the desire to enrich the Ukrainian economy with global knowledge, as well as to open business, social and academic opportunities for the global community. Following the mission ‘to make Ukraine globally open’, we strive simplifying economic, educational and other immigration to Ukraine.  Whatever help you may need – visa, residence permit, or a brief advice on immigration laws of Ukraine – we are always here to assist. Immigration in Ukraine has never been easier!

The best illustration of our expertise is the stories of our clients:

Muhammad Afzal

Muhammad Afzal


Having found my love on the sunny shores of Egypt during the vacations, I made a firm resolution to start a new life in Ukraine. Ukraine immigration laws looked so tricky that uniting with my loved one seemed nearly impossible. I exhausted all possible options but useless. It was the guys from the Immigration Bureau who helped me to complete all the formalities. Today I am a happy husband with the residence permit in my pocket!
Liu Qa Kliu

Liu Qa Kliu

The Peoples’ Republic of China

My dream has always been to become a chemist. Education in China is so expensive, that university was a chimerical dream only. After brief research, I found out that several technology schools in Ukraine offer good tuition prices. I was admitted to the Polytechnic University in Kharkov, yet getting my education visa was a nightmare. After almost six months of paperwork in the Embassy, my application was denied. After a consultation with my family, I filed an appeal with the help of the Ukrainian Immigration Bureau. Three months later I entered the walls of the university for the first time. Many thanks!
Solomon Krema

Solomon Krema


Ukraine is my gateway from poverty. Not only Ukrainian Immigration bureau helped me to go through the labyrinth of the Ukraine immigration policy, but also they assisted in starting a business here. Highly recommended to everyone.

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Ukrainian immigration bureau experts are here to assist. Legal matters, and especially immigration issues, can be very complicated, but our specialists are ready to help inform you of all aspects regarding your case. It’s a great pleasure for us in using our experience for you and we look forward to hearing from you.