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Ukrainian citizenship by naturalization

If you are deeply settled in Ukraine, acquiring Ukrainian citizenship through naturalization may be a practical solution for legalizing your status here. Although certain exceptions are available, we recommend this method for those who already have a temporary/permanent residence permit, because staying in Ukraine for a certain period (see below) is necessary to get Ukrainian citizenship on this ground.

Naturalization options.

Acquiring Ukrainian citizenship through naturalization is possible through one of the three options:

  • living in Ukraine permanently for more than five years. You should have valid permanent residence permits for using this option. Under the concept “permanently” Ukrainian citizenship law implies that a person should not stay outside Ukraine for more than 180 days annually and that each annual visit abroad does not exceed 90 days;
  • alternatively, after serving for three years in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, you may apply for the Ukrainian citizenship;
  • those, who have refugee status in Ukraine, may apply for the citizenship after three years of staying.

Preconditions for naturalization.

To get Ukrainian citizenship through naturalization not only it is essential to stay in Ukraine for five or three years (for soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or refugees), but also there are specific prerequisites:

  • your stay in Ukraine before application should be legal. Practically, it means that you should have either a permanent residence permit or a military ID or a refugee certificate;
  • you should respect and abide by the Ukrainian laws. You should not have any criminal record (anywhere), as well as all you should pay your fines and/or serve other administrative penalties;
  • you should have a basic command of the Ukrainian language, which is sufficient for effective communication (the exam consists of a written and oral part);
  • it is crucial to prove that you have funds to support your stay in Ukraine. In 2017 it was the equivalent of USD 1050. This amount should be on your banking account at the moment of application (certificate from the bank should be attached). This precondition is not applied to those, who served in the Ukrainian Armed forces, and refugees;
  • finally, you should renounce your original citizenship following the law of your country.

Overall, acquiring Ukrainian citizenship through naturalization is a proven method for those, who have already stayed here. Before choosing this method to get Ukrainian citizenship, you should make deep research on your particulars and collect all necessary documents. Our attorneys are always available to assist.

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