Article 12 of the law of Ukraine “On immigration” provides us with a list of grounds applied by Ukrainian State migration service to cancel someone’s permanent residence in Ukraine. One of the grounds has become quite popular recently, so we decided to analyze appropriate Ukrainian State migration service decisions, and the answer was not long in coming.

A person may lose his/her permanent residence permit in Ukraine in case his/her actions create a threat to the national security of Ukraine. Have you ever thought about what does the legal term “national security” mean or have you ever tried to get to know what actions Ukraine considers as a threat to its national security? Believe me or not, but average Ukrainian citizen can hardly tell us what legally defined threats to national security of Ukraine are. Moreover, it turns out to be more important to know this definition for an immigrant in Ukraine than to Ukrainian citizen, as by being a threat to national security Ukrainian citizen does not risk losing his passport or permanent residence permit, in contrast to immigration permit holders.

It is not a secret that many foreigners consider Ukraine as a trampoline to more developed and prosperous European countries. So sooner or later, if you are a foreigner permanently residing in Ukraine, you are going to hear about very intriguing propositions to cross Ukrainian/European Union border illegally to find some better life in Old Europe. We won’t speak a lot about those who managed to do so, there are so few of them (only 3%), and everyone wishes them only luck. Of course, we would like to know what will happen with those who have been caught during their illegal attempt to breach Ukrainian border.

The result of such illegal attempts is always very sad, as nowadays, any violation involving Ukrainian border policies, especially illegal cross of Ukrainian border is considered to be a threat to national security of Ukraine, what automatically creates a ground for Ukrainian State migration service to cancel law breaker`s residence permit.

That is the reality of Ukrainian immigration world, where foreigners managed to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine think they never lose their permits, even if they are involved in illegal activities here. It is incredibly easy to lose residence permit in Ukraine because of some violation first seemed not having such negative effect.