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Invitations for visiting Ukraine

In contrast to other countries, Ukrainian immigration policies are permissive concerning issuing short-term visas to Ukraine. Specifically, the law recognizes 15 grounds for visa issuance. However, the practice shows that over 85% of visitors apply for one of the three types of visas: tourist visa to Ukraine, business visa or private visa.

At the same time, while getting a visa is by far less challenging than getting a residence permit, the practice shows that the applicants should be no less careful while collecting and submitting the documents. Failure to prepare the documents properly inevitably leads to denial of visa by the Ukrainian embassy abroad.

The documents for visa application are collected in your country of residence. The only document to be received from Ukraine is the one, which confirms the purpose of your visit to Ukraine. Such documents include tourist vouchers (for tourist visas), private invitations from the residents of Ukraine (for private visas) and business invitations (for business visas).

You will find a complete guide here, explaining how to get a certain document from Ukraine, what steps should be followed and identifying the most problematic areas.

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